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April 20, 2013

Spacial 3D projection

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With 3DHOLOO you can view real 3D images in space. 3DHOLOO is capable of generatingthree-dimensional holographic images at an aproximate distance of 80 cm with a real 3D projection.

3DHOLOO allows you design to suit the appearance of the device from which represent both static images and video of any format, unlimited play time.

Furthermore, 3DHOLOO can interact with 3D projection and choose specific points to what will be a three-dimensional immersion experience complete.

3DHOLOO is available on sale or rental to campaing.


3D video displays without glasses

Welcome to a new world. We present our 3DTSION technology, a technology that allows you to view 3D images without the need for any type of glasses.

Through our technology 3DTSION we sell autoestereoscopic 3D displays that allow you to display images without using 3D glasses. The content to view can be videos or films produced in 2D format, and then by our 3DTechne technology, converted to 3D or computer-generated 3D elements directly.

The union of these two formats (2D to 3D conversions + 3D items) produces spectacular display effects due to the combination of images with a depth of 60 cm to 35 cm salient elements of the screen. (more…)


3D conversion software

3DTECHNE enables you to convert normal video or movies from 2D to 3D format. 3DTECHNE features a revolutionary technology that minimizes resource sharing, thus saving money costs and reducing substantially time for completion of projects.
3DTECHNE allows viewing images in anaglyph or polarized format (with glasses) orautoestereoscopic display (no glasses), also allows the entry of the content to convert on any of the existing formats: SD, HD, 2K or 4K. (more…)



3adver dimension born in 2009 through a combination of several professional projects related to the generation of 3D images. We are an independent company whose partners are not part of any other business group, dedicated exclusively to business and technical development of the company.

3adver is a technology company, sole owner of a technology developed by us to convert any image to 3D. Our technology has been thoroughly validated and approved by experts from the audiovisual sector. (more…)


Showroom 3D video


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